Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Chris Christie: No Reason for Stone Raid Except to Intimidate

Some very good insight from the former federal prosecutor. (Ignore his final comment about Ashcroft preventing terrorist attacks.)




  1. "Ignore his final comment about Ashcroft preventing terrorist attacks"... haha, yeah that's the problem with Christie , just because he's fired by Kushner & says some good things , Christie's foreign policy ideals are identical to Kushners & Boltons . They're all statist necons & insane fanatical Zionists.

  2. Yeah, but Sham was worse. Finally turned the clip off after he kept interrupting Christie, who was admittedly plugging his book, but making some good points.
    IOW neocon not withstanding CC is smarter and more personable than SH, at least in this showing.