Monday, January 7, 2019

BREAKING: Trump to Address the Nation

Update below.

President Trump has announced via a tweet that he will address the nation Tuesday night at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time, about the "Humanitarian and National Security crisis" on the southern border.
Oh great, more drama from the president about a non-existent crisis.

This will really juice up the neoright.



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are demanding equal airtime to respond to President Trump's address. 


  1. "Neo-right immigrant hater" Translation: anyone who thinks we shouldn't open our borders to the billion people around the world who want to come here.

    1. "Dumb schmucks being tricked into calling for a police state and who are going to be genuinely surprised when it comes."

    2. It is mass immigration that has given rise to the Police State. You can have either borders around the country, or fences and gates around everything inside the country.

    3. "...our borders..."
      Sort of like East German citizens in the 70s and 80s saying "our Berlin wall," or like American citizens saying "our round-up of American citizens of Japanese descent during WWII," or "our devaluation of the Dollar by 96% since the creation of our Federal Reserve in 1913," or "our My Lai Massacre."

    4. Re: Robert What?

      ── It is mass immigration that has given rise to the Police State. ──

      That's a clumsy, silly lie. It's like saying that alcohol drinking led to Prohibition.

      ── You can have either borders around the country ──

      The only 'borders' around the country exists in the imagination of the tax collector. That's the sole purpose of borders: to divvy up the tax base among criminals, i.e. each State.

      You repeat the Trumpista trope that borders and fences are the same thing. People place fences around their actual property, not around everyone else's. Presuming to compare fences with borders is to insinuate that people collectively own your home and your decisions. But, please, go ahead and show us your Fascistoid credentials. Tucker Carlson came out of the closet in that regard. The door is open for you.

    5. @Franciso - yes I am an immigrant hater. I don't like tens of millions of low skilled low education hostile anti White third worlders flooding our cities and towns supported by the taxpayers. You either are (a) not a taxpayer, (b) are anti White or (c) sufficiently insulated from the effects of the policies you champion. Most likely all three.

  2. Has he been reading this blog or listening to Tom Woods? I mean, right after this post from Friday, he does exactly what Tom suggests, i.e address the nation directly:

  3. Not quite what Tom Woods advised.

  4. Donald Trump, an American hero. RW, you are lucky Trump won or would have already been in a concentration camp under Hildebeast.

  5. It would be awesome if this was a bait and switch like he did during the campaign...and he actually used the speech to nail down a withdrawal timeline for Afghanistan. Pretty sure networks wouldn't cover it if they thought that is what he was going to talk about.

  6. Here comes Trump's historic "National Emergency" as cover and pretext for outrageous, un-Constitutional, government expansion---Similar to LBJ's Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that preceded the Vietnam "war," and like McKinley blaming the Spanish for the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana... and so on.
    Get ready for the U.S. military taking some sort of active role on the border---maybe building The Wall, seizing people's land, subjecting immigrants to military courts, etc.