Sunday, December 23, 2018

WOW Trump-Rand in 2020?

Well, maybe this will finally cause the Libertarians for Trump to get off the train once Trump is elected to a second term.

Will they form Impeach Trump at that time?

I have nothing on this beyond the Luke Rudkowski tweet but Rand has been playing a very shrewd game of late.



  1. The angles on this as a reality are just to numerous to begin making a list! Just when I think I cant be shocked any more than I am it just keeps coming.

  2. Rand gets Trump. I’m sure he studied up,after Trump wiped him out in the debates. Don’t let Trump's war on the Fed blindside you. He is setting the table now (and has been since pre-election). Has nothing to do with easy money vs higher rates either. That’s just the “in.”

  3. I'm still holding out for Rand - Tulsi.

  4. So you are not a rand fan I take it? Shocking.