Friday, December 14, 2018

Will 2020 Be the Year of the Democrats and Socialists?

Things are bad.

Except for his hardcore immigrant-hating base, President Trump is losing everyone else that he had for a moment. He is mostly considered a buffoon and a criminal

He is more buffoon than criminal, but because he is a buffoon he has no deep political skill to counter the charges that he is a criminal.

If ever there is a movie made about Trump, Eddie Murphy would be best at capturing this New York street hustler getting in way over his head.

There has been virtually no attack against Trump from the small-government right or libertarians. This has been a strategic error of major proportions.

The anti-Trump field has been left to the warmongering neocons (who are hardly small government conservatives even on domestic issues) and the increasingly socialist left.

There is just little out there to teach the masses and the kids a Trump alternative that does not go further along the path to more central planning.

I am inclined to agree with the first part of this Mike Cernovich tweet:
Whether a Jair Bolsonaro will energy 10 years after 2020 is an open question. It will most likely a bloody battle. The Left is clueless when it comes to economic and social policy but they are very skilled at political strategy and vicious rule.

It will be one group of totalitarians, the Left, battling another group, Right-leaning totalitarians---unless somehow we get lucky and get a boring Democratic president out of the 2020 election that puts the masses to sleep and doesn't do too much harm to the economy and society.



  1. Can't help but to think back to 2012 when a certain GOP presidential candidate was galvanizing "young people" and really could have been the GOP's answer to being able to counter this.

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  3. This guy is fool to predict the whim of the Idiocracy. Stupidity is on the rise in this country!

  4. in X years there will be a jair bolsonaro.... no there won't be a country