Sunday, December 30, 2018

Wall Street Journal: If Michael Bloomberg Enters the Race to Seek the Democratic Presidential Nomination He May Spend a Billion Dollars of His Own Money

Michael Bloomberg
The Wall Street Journal is speculating that the totalitarian busybody freak, Michael Bloomberg, may spend a billion dollars of his own money if he decides to seek the nomination for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Bloomberg may need to spend that kind of money to get national attention in what will be a very crowded field.

It is expected that more than 20 Democrats will throw their hats in the ring, including two other billionaires, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

From the Journal:
Speculation is already roaring about the 2020 Democratic presidential field, and our choice for the most amusing headline so far comes from our friends at CNBC this week: “Mike Bloomberg prepared to spend at least $100 million on a 2020 campaign for president if he decides to run.”
Is that all? Mr. Bloomberg spent more than $100 million on his last race for mayor of New York. He spent another $100 million or so trying to elect Democrats to Congress this year. He has a net worth in the tens of billions of dollars from his ownership of Bloomberg L.P., and $100 million could amount to his monthly income. Our guess is that, if he does run for the Democratic nomination, he is likely to spend closer to $500 million or perhaps $1 billion.
I hope spends it and doesn't get the nomination.


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