Sunday, December 30, 2018

VIDEO Anti-Trumpster Has Over-the-Top Meltdown at Guy Wearing Trump Shirt

In the clip below, a Vape shop clerk in Atlanta has a severe meltdown over a customer who enters the store wearing a Trump hat and shirt. The clerk doesn't want to sell to the customer.

In ways, this is like the baker that refused to make a cake for a gay couple, in other ways it is not,

One difference is that it appears the clerk is just that and nothing more, so we don't know what the policy of the owner might be. He might be in sync with the clerk, or hold a policy that everyone gets served.

But the customer has no idea so he should leave until he can clarify the situation with upper-level management/ownership.

This, though, is clearly an example of how Trump is triggering both sides.


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  1. According to one of the commenters @youtube, moonport1, employee was fired, the company apologised to the customer, and issued a public tweet explaining their position and the actions they took.