Thursday, December 27, 2018

Trump Supporter Triggered in Dallas Macy's as Employees Speak Arabic in Front of Him

Two videos showing a man lashing out at "Arabs and Democrats"  at a Dallas-area Macy's store are going viral.

The man can be heard saying "They were speaking Arabic. I don't speak Arabic," in the video.

"Get these customers away from me,” he says. "All the Arabs, all you Arabs and Democrats. Go back to where you came from. How many Arabs came out of the woodwork?"

According to Buzzfeed, the man who posted the video on Twitter, "Ricky," says the man initially had complained that his gift wrapping wasn't free. When the employee helping him called over a coworker, the two spoke Arabic.

"The first thing I heard was, 'This is America. Speak English,'" Ricky told Buzzfeed. "From that point, it just escalated to what you see in the video."

The first video sets the scene:
And the drama:
Trumpsters getting triggered by those not speaking English is silly, as I have explained before, the US is the Empire, our language is globally powerful, see: Should Foreign Language Requirements be Abolished in US Schools? and Is English the Modern Day International Language of Love?