Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Blindness of Libertarian Trump Fan Boys

Libertarian Trump fanboys are jumping with glee. President Trump has ordered the pullout of US troops from Syria. This is a positive, but the order should be cheered not the man Trump.

Libertarian Trump fanboys do not seem to get this. They are blind to the big picture.

An example: Twerking Surgeon comments at the post, The Remarkable Adventures of Donald John Trump: What is a Libertarian To Do?
Don't worry, Walter Block and I have saved you a seat on the Trump train.
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. 
It is ok to leave without me, Twerk. The Trump train goes backward, forward through tunnels and likely soon will try to operate as a submarine.

I repeat, there is nothing wrong cheering him when he makes a correct move, the Syria pullout being an example, but it is insane to support him as though sound decisions always flow from him.

In fact, he is looking every day a bit more unhinged and we don't know what this means.

Consider, he apparently has been discussing the firing of Federal Reserve Board chairman Jay Powell after the recent Fed hike in rates.

Now, I am no fan of the Fed, that is clear, but, on a scale of evil money manipulators, Powell is almost a conservative. He probably ranks right after Paul Volcker.

Trump appears to want to replace him with a G. William Miller-type. This would be a total disaster.

In the short period that Miller was Fed chairman (He became Fed chairman in January 1978 and was removed in August 1979), as a result of his easy money policies, price inflation climbed over 14%.

I fear that price inflation will spike under Powell (to the 3% to 5% range) but under a committed monetary inflationist, we would be back at Miller nosebleed levels,

As I have said, I am all for pulling the troops out of Syria but I wouldn't trade that ever if the tradeoff meant double-digit price inflation here in America.

The destruction, havoc and screwing of the average American under aggressive price inflation is far more destructive than what would be caused by having 2,000 US troops in Syria playing chase the terrorists. If Trump does replace Powell at the Fed with a monetary inflationist on steroids, as reports indicate he is thinking about, it is one more reason that it is very dangerous to support him.

Yes, by all means, make clear and support any sound decisions he makes but blindly supporting him and riding some kind of Trump train will only lead on a trip to a major league hell hole.



  1. "The Trump train goes backward, forward through tunnels and likely soon will try to operate as a submarine."

    Was this supposed to be "sideways through tunnels"?

  2. From a thin libertarian perspective, Trump is terrible. However, his business experience gives him a perspective that beltway and deep-state actors don’t have, nor comprehend.

    For me, he is the lesser of evils. However I don’t vote for evil. He’s made some awful decisions (Eg. Ex-post facto bump-stock ban), and he leans towards extremely authoritarian tendencies.

    These tendencies have led him to choose like-minded advisors and cabinet members.

    I’ll certainly recognize the good along with the bad. However, that he stumbles into any paleo-Libertarian policy decision is happenstance, just like a stopped clock is right twice a day.