Monday, December 17, 2018

Ten Years Ago, Al Gore Warned the North Polar Ice Cap Could Be Gone Completely in Summer Months By Now

It's on video.

On Sunday, December 14, 2008, former presidential candidate Al Gore warned that the entire North Polar ice cap could be completely gone in summer months by 2015.

Gore made the now laughable claim to a German TV audience at the COP15 Climate Conference:

Satellite observations indicate that at the end of summer Sept. 2017 ice extent covered 4.64 million square kilometers or 1.79 million square miles. Not exactly so tiny that satellite cameras had trouble picking it up.

The climate fear mongers have since adjusted their forecasts by adding another 30 years before the disappearance will supposedly occur. Gore would be 103 years old at that time.

From CNN (April 3, 2018):
One of the big questions about global warming is when — or if — the Arctic will be ice-free each summer.
A study published Monday said if the world warms 7.2 degrees this century, the Arctic will likely have a three-month, ice-free period each summer by 2050. 
A separate article in the journal said that exact probabilities about the future of summertime Arctic ice should be viewed with caution.

"The sensitivity of sea ice to global warming in the real world is highly uncertain, which makes it difficult to assess whether sea ice is lost at the correct rate in climate models,” wrote James Screen, a climate scientist at the University of Exeter.

Bottom line: Climate is very complex. I don't understand it but neither does Al Gore. There might be 10 people on the planet who do, but none of us know who they are---and it would take years of direct personal study to find out. For almost all of us, it is not worth it.

Goreites, those following Gore in climate fear, are just an example of masses following a slick hustler. aided and abetted by the elitist establishment who are on board the hustle for big bucks. The climate fear-political-complex.


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