Sunday, December 9, 2018

Roger Stone: "If it's Schiff -Flush it !"

Roger Stone emails me and lets it rip:
From: Roger Stone
To; Bob Wenzel
Subject: If it's Schiff -Flush it

I am tired of the endless schiffstorm of lies from this guy
FYI: In the Hill story that Roger links to it should be noted that it reports:
Stone delivered an impassioned speech to a crowd of roughly three dozen attendees at the conservative American Priority conference in Washington, D.C., days after he exercised his Fifth Amendment rights to reject a Democratic request for further congressional testimony.

He used the opportunity to not only repeatedly praise the president, but respond to Democrats who said that the former one-time Trump campaign adviser may have lied when he previously testified before Congress...

After his remarks, Stone told reporters that he may reconsider his decision to exercise his Fifth Amendment rights if the Senate panel allows him to testify in public, claiming that his past "testimony has already been mischaracterized."

Stone maintained that he was being truthful when he testified before the House panel, claiming that he "could prove if forced to that everything I said in my submitted statement and in my questions was truthful.
" -RW 

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