Friday, December 28, 2018

Is Jerome Corsi the Toughest Guy in America?

Jerome Corsi
Jerome Corsi is under intense scrutiny by special counsel Robert Mueller.

He was offered a deal, with no prison time, if he confessed to what he alleges is a lie. He turned it down.

What does he do instead?

He takes direct aim at Mueller.

You have to be very tough to put out a tweet like the one below when you are under investigation by the object of the tweet---under investigation by an investigator that has the entire investigative resources of the US government available to him. That's tough.

Mafia dons don't even go after those prosecuting them.

And that is not even half of it, not close. Make sure you watch the video.

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  1. How did every politician doing "public service" become multi-millionaires?
    Trump had a job, but every career politician is a multi-millionaire.
    US senate majority $174k; after taxes around 90k.
    If you are very frugal, save 30k a year.
    It would take over 30 years to accumulate 1 million dollars.
    Its all BS. WAKE the F up.