Wednesday, December 12, 2018

ICE Arrests of Illegal Workers, Employers Up 700 Percent in 2018

The number of people arrested for illegally employing or working at U.S. companies skyrocketed more than 700 percent during President Trump's first full fiscal year in office, according to newly released government data.

The government thankfully appears laughably inefficient overall in its effort.

A total of only 2,304 people were arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for employment violations in fiscal 2018, which ended Sept. 30.

In 2017, a total 311 people were arrested.

But note well, these people were arrested for working or employing workers. No doubt working on private property and minding their own business. a total outrage.

It is estimated that at least 11 million people illegally reside in the U.S.



  1. I don't know which story of yours---this one, or the one about Israel enforcing a military draft upon its entire population---boggles my mind most; The idea that in this modern age, people accept and embrace the criminalization of an employer that fails to investigate the background of a prospective employee before hiring them---i.e. after the government fails its arrogated duty in keeping unapproved travelers out of the country, that an unknowing party to a contract with such travelers now has foisted upon them the duty of acting as a surety or guarantor of the government's job; And that failing to spot the illegal status of the job seeker and then affirmatively entering into a contract with them, can be arrested and jailed.
    How long, I wonder, before it's a crime to enter into contracts with other criminals or people on the government's "enemies list"--? e.g. People with arrest warrants for theft, robbery, rape, murder, etc.---? Suspended driver licenses? Or people with IRS tax delinquencies, or county property-tax delinquencies, etc? Maybe soon, if you hire an unlicensed barber, or taxi driver, or lawyer, then you too will be subject to arrest. ...

    1. Many might scoff at your logical corollary, but agreements between private parties are already being dictated leading conditions to exchange. And it will only get worse