Sunday, December 16, 2018

BBC CLAIM: Putin Weaponizing Humor (I am not making this up.)

By Caitlin Johnstone

The BBC has published an article titled “How Putin’s Russia turned humour into a weapon” about the Kremlin’s latest addition to its horrifying deadly hybrid warfare arsenal: comedy.

The article is authored by Olga Robinson, whom the BBC, unhindered by any trace of self-awareness, has titled “Senior Journalist (Disinformation)”. Robinson demonstrates the qualifications and acumen which earned her that title by warning the BBC’s audience that the Kremlin has been using humor to dismiss and ridicule accusations that have been leveled against it by western governments, a “form of trolling” that she reports is designed to “deliberately lower the level of discussion”.
"Russia’s move towards using humour to influence its campaigns is a relatively recent phenomenon,” Robinson explains, without speculating as to why Russians might have suddenly begun laughing at their western accusers. She gives no consideration to the possibility that the tightly knit alliance of western nations who suddenly began hysterically shrieking about Russia two years ago have simply gotten much more ridiculous and easier to make fun of during that time.

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  1. It’s all so personal with these neocon, progressive Putin haters. Putin et al are laughing and ridiculing them. And they don’t like that. To admit it would make them look foolish, so they posit something to make them look even more foolish. Tears in my morning tea!

  2. Its too easy! What about the US govt isnt hilarious these days? Any 10 yr old could tell jokes all day