Thursday, December 20, 2018

BREAKING Trump Considering Drawdown of US Troops in Afghanistan By As Much As 50%

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


On the heels of news that President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr is reporting that President Trump is considering the drawdown of as much as 50% of US troops in Afghanistan.



  1. Trump is a roller coaster, but I f’ing love this! Wish it was 100%, but I’ll take it.

  2. Trump threatens a trade war with sick, murderous Communist totalitarians and this place goes beserk. Trump promises to end the war in Syria and wind down the war in Afghanistan and crickets.

    If Trump pulls this off then it's Trump > HRC 100 million times. Libertarians for Trump 2020!

  3. Pimento, I’d say it’s a wait and see for most.
    He didn’t just threaten a trade war. He started a trade/tariff war.
    Saying he will pull the troops, well I certainly hope he does. But I prefer to wait and see what actually happens.
    Besides that. “I’m going to murder less”.
    How much glory do we give to that? Gee thanks.

  4. Send Walter Block the finest bottle of Gin you can find, Wenzel.