Saturday, December 1, 2018

BREAKING: George H.W. Bush Has Died

Below: "Libertarian" Gary Johnson reacts.

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George Herbert Walker Bush, who was the 41st President of the United States, has died.


As president, Bush, for reasons still not clear, sent troops to Panama (the cover story was to get Noriega), many Panamanians were killed, and he also got America into the first war with Iraq that included a four-day aerial "shock and awe" bombardment of Baghdad. It was the start of the destruction of the country.

He was a director of the CIA and a life-long member of the Deep State. He was the first president to publicly utter the words "New World Order"---in a State of the Union speech no less. He was at the epicenter of it all, including the elitist organizations Skull & Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations. He took curious actions after JFK was assassinated and ran a shady, likely CIA linked, oil company, Zapata. He will take many secrets with him to his grave.

During the election campaign that gained him the four-year throne, he proclaimed loudly "Read my lips no new taxes!" But when he got into office he raised taxes.

Even the New Tork Times in its obituary can't bury this evil-doing:
[It was] one of the most explicit campaign pledges ever uttered by a major-party presidential candidate: “Read my lips. No new taxes.”
That promise had been delivered to roars of approval in his acceptance speech at the 1988 Republican National Convention in New Orleans, and the turnabout provoked a chorus of reproach.
The masses did not forget and he lost reelection.

But the big thing is that we have all outlived him.

His tax raising, war launching and CIA shady operations days are over,


His office says that he died Friday at 10:10 PM in Houston. He was 94.


The White House has announced that President Trump will attend the funeral.


Some sound reminders via Twitter:

And the reaction of "libertarian" Gary Johnson:

The New York Stock Exchange will close on Wednesday, a day of mourning for Bush.



  1. In 2010 my good friend from Houston was having lunch in a pizza place with a few friends when none other than GHW Bush walked in with the secret service. What happened next was EPIC & made international news... lmao!

    'How an old Bush can ruin a good lunch'

  2. 12/28/2012, "The George H.W. Bush Photos that You Won't See:"

  3. major participant in jfk assassination
    enemy of the republic

  4. Good riddance! The Bush family are Northeastern carpet baggers anyway. I guess Kennedy family had the north east tied up, so they had to come to Texas to make their political fortune. I spit on the Bush family.

    1. This turd showed up to a promotion ceremony at my unit while his equally horrible son was holding office. I managed to avoid shaking hands with him and made sure my face was covered by the man in front of me during mandatory pictures for his scrapbook. Years later I was running the Houston marathon and was about to get a cup of Gatorade from one of the volunteers at the water stops. Right as I went to grab a cup from a volunteer in a wheelchair I noticed it was him. I went thirsty for the next mile rather than get anything from him. Hope he's burning in Hell with McCain.

  5. Can the national outpouring trump that for McCain? Let the hagiographies begin again. Two beatifications in one year!