Friday, December 28, 2018

Breaking Down Pizza Regulation...

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A Tyler Cowen snippet from the book, Risk: A Very Short Introduction by Baruch Fischhoff and John Kadvany:
Pepperoni pizza is subject to more government regulation than plain cheese pizza. That’s because cheese pizzas are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, while pepperoni pizzas—which have meat—are regulated by the Department of Agriculture.
Or try this one:

Contrary to the beliefs of roughly 33% of Americans, Kansas is not the flattest state. In fact, it’s the 9th flattest state, and it’s one of only two Great Plains states to make the top ten (the other is North Dakota). The flattest state is actually Florida, the second flattest state is Illinois, and the least flattest is West Virginia. (From Disruptive Geo via Cowen)


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  1. Does this mean that the pepperoni is regulated by the dept. of Agriculture because the animals used to make it are or that the pizza itself is?