Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Alex Jones Claim: Banks Are Being Notified By Interpol That He is a Terrorist

Alex Jones
During an interview with the British journalist Katie Hopkins, Alex Jones, founder of Infowars and related companies, told her that 5 of 6 payment platforms that he had been using for his business have been canceled despite the fact that he has spotless credit.

He told Hopkins that he has come to learn that bank reports on him include an Interpol tag identifying him as a terrorist.

He said that he is about to "break the story wide open."

He also told Hopkins that over 100 social media platforms have banned him and that his news operation has approximately 100 people.



  1. If true, this is one response to one of statists' favorite rhetorical questions when we warn about the dangers of state power: "If you've done nothing wrong, what are you worried about?" When the state gets to arbitrarily define "wrong," and can use its many regulatory powers to force nominally private-sector institutions to aid and abet its activities, there is plenty to worry about.

  2. I find that most people who use that tired phrase also consider right and wrong to be defined by management, the government, etc with seemingly no limits. In other words they would have no problem with this.