Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Why Trump Will Now Turn to the Left

By Robert Wenzel

President Trump's lefty leanings are likely to come out in the final two years of his current presidential term.

It seems clear he understands that with Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, he will no longer have to battle and attempt to compromise with the right wing of his own party. The right will no longer be a factor.

Trump further knows that he needs to shore up support among women, that means more in terms of Democratic programs like more central planning in healthcare, women's programs (government funded childcare, mandatory paid parental leave following a birth), etc.

And Trump, in cahoots with Nancy Pelosi, will make it happen.

He made clear during his press conference today that, if necessary, he might deliver Republican votes to help Pelosi gain the House speakership.

Much to the dissatisfaction of the extreme lefties on the Democratic side, last night Pelosi talked about bipartisanship.

From The San Francisco Chronicle:
With Democrats looking poised to retake the House but remaining locked out of a majority in the Senate after Tuesday's elections, many were critical of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's remarks calling for bipartisanship now that the Democrats have regained some power.

"We will have accountability and strive for bipartisanship" she said in D.C. Tuesday night, echoing comments she'd made earlier in the day. "We must try."

We have a bipartisan marketplace of ideas that makes our democracy strong," she added. "We have all had enough with division."...

On Twitter, many on the left responded with anger, frustration and expletives, calling for Dems to take off the gloves and stop gesturing at civility.
What is going on here is that Trump and Pelosi are from the same school, old school cronyism.

With a Democratic House, Trump will no longer have to deal with the semi-principled, right-leaning Freedom Caucus. He and Pelosi will cut deals and she will keep the more radical elements on the Democratic side under control with the help of Trump delivering House Republican votes when needed in an effort at full cronyism, compromise.

Wars. more government domestic expansion, including more government control of independent internet-based news media, is coming. Whatever Trump-Pelosi cook up, they will get.

The Republican-controlled Senate won't have the balls to challenge the "compromises," after seeing in yesterday' midterm election how Trump can deliver senate election wins.

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  1. Bipartisanship bad, very bad. I hope that RW is wrong and so does Judge Napolitano. RW may be right. After all DT has had a liberal side in the past and he thinks of himself as THE deal maker. With his lack of a philosophical foundation his actions are whatever is best for DT. The question is, will what is best for DT be cozying up with the Dems or appeasing his base on the right?

  2. It will be interesting to see what lessons Trump takes from this election. One could be, as you suggest, that he return to his lefty roots. (Although I suspect those roots might have been strategically based - after all you have to spout Leftist ideology to become successful in NYC real estate.)

    The other lesson Trump mighttake is that the only future the Republican party has is as the White Party. The Democrats have become the defacto Brown Party, or the Gibsmedat Party, if you will. Can Trump go far left enough that the Brown party don't hate him anymore? I doubt it.

    1. RW and other libertardians are simply too stupid and obtuse to admit that limited government and a functioning society are the exclusive club of white heterosexual males. There are exceptions of course, but for the most part non whites love gibs me dat.

  3. The Idiocrat in Chief will continue to piss off his base by going back on his word and will also also sow even more divisiveness than he already has every time he cow tows to the loony left who will make it their mission to rub his nose in it.

    The march to us against them civil unrest continues unabated. The shit storm is on schedule.

  4. Trump legalizes or decriminalizes marijuana in the next two years. You heard it here first.