Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Why the Election Results are Bad for the Freedom Caucus and Rand Paul

With the Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives in 2019 after last night's election, the Republican Freedom Caucus will become impotent.

Power will, of course, shift to the Democrats and the leverage that the Freedom Caucus brought to the House to move things a tiny bit more liberty-oriented will be gone.

Individually, no doubt, members now may more "boldly" object to moves away from liberty---when their votes face no political pressure and will mean nothing.

In the Senate, where Republicans will gain 2 or 3 seats, it will result in Senator Rand Paul losing some or all of his leverage. He was often the swing vote that at least gave him the opportunity to highlight to the President moves away from liberty. Rand's golf outing with the President are now over.

With the Republicans gaining seats in the Senate, it is unlikely that Rand's vote will be the key vote at any time in the next two years.

Perhaps, it will provide an opportunity for Rand to provide eloquent statements on the Senate floor highlighting to the nation what is a move in the direction of liberty and what the vision of the Founding Fathers was and warnings when things move in the opposite direction as they likely often will do.



  1. Just my opinion, but I think with the Democrats winning the House, Trump will likely be elected to a 2nd term. He will have to moderate a little bit, but his base will still be fired up because he can paint the Dems in the House as witch-hunters. Anyway, just my feeling. Much of it depends on whether this casino economy holds out another 2 years, but even not, Trump may be able to sufficiently paint the House Dems as responsible for any crash/recession.

  2. meet the new boss same as the old boss

  3. I wonder now if liberals will foam as much from the mouth if there was no house win. I was looking forward to their credibility going down the toilet even more than it has.