Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Trump Mentor Roy Cohn On Fixing the System

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump
In a Cockburn interview of Roger Stone for Spectator, Cockburn brings up Stone's new book, Stone's Rules: How to Win at Politics, Business, and Style.

Cockburn writes:

 In the book, he tells the story of a conversation between Trump’s lawyer, Roy Cohn, and another of his clients, ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno, the mobster. Cohn says: ‘Everything can be fixed. Just costs money.’ Fat Tony asks: ‘The US Supreme Court?’ Cohn replies: ’Costs a few dollars more.’ 
Stone during the interview says he doesn't think Trump is going to run for reelection:
Stone thinks the President is not going to run for re-election. He believes that Trump likes ‘the adulation part’ of being President but not the actual governing. And: ‘He doesn’t like the fact that half the people in the country hate his guts. He’s hypersensitive to criticism. I could easily see him saying, “Well, I made America great, I’m heading to the golf course. Mike, good luck.” ’ Again, Stone says his opinion does not come from being in possession of inside information. In this case, it’s a judgement he says comes from knowing Trump for some 40 years.
Stone also thinks Hillary will run:
He’s funding a legal action by Danney Williams, a young African American man from Little Rock who claims that Bill Clinton is his father. Stone produced a short film about Williams during the campaign, Banished: The Untold Story of Bill Clinton’s Black Son. In it, Williams says his mother was a street corner prostitute who had an affair with Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. Stone says Williams is a ‘sweet kid…He really just wants to know who his father is.’ Within the past few weeks, he has arranged for him to get a paternity test.
‘Danny Williams has got five kids. He’s working at a meat packing plant during the day, and he’s working at a 7-11 at night to try to make ends meet, but his biological father is worth $300 million plus. Although to me, it’s not about the money; to him it’s not about the money.’ All this is ridiculed by friends of Hillary Clinton. But Stone says Williams has started to get ‘cease and desist’ letters from the Clintons’ lawyers. ‘That’s why I think she’s running again. Otherwise, why would he bother?’

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