Sunday, November 4, 2018

Trump Juices the Nut Jobs Up...

...and we get this headline from The New York Times:

U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It
From the accompanying story:
 In this atmosphere of apparent indifference on the part of government officials and law enforcement, a virulent, and violent, far-right movement has grown and metastasized. To combat it, some officials have suggested prosecuting related crimes through expansion of the government’s counterterrorism powers — creating a special “domestic terrorism” statute, for instance, which currently doesn’t exist.
And there is a warning in the article about going in this direction:
[A] report released on Oct. 31 by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School argues that the creation of such a statute could easily be abused to target “protesters and political dissidents instead of terrorists,” and that law enforcement already has ample authority to prosecute domestic terrorism: “Congress must require that counterterrorism resource decisions be based on objective evaluations of the physical harm different groups pose to human life, rather than on political considerations that prioritize the safety of some communities over others.”
Is Trump really so important and different from Democrats and the Bush family that he should be supported even though he is stoking nutjobs that will further hamper freedom of expression for all of us?



  1. Well yeah, in a day and age when anybody with any common sense can state the obvious: that America is not Nigeria, Kenya, China, Japan or Pakistan and get tarred as a racist, white supremacist nazi, yeah the NYT headline does kind of fire up the progressives and their Antifa brownshirts.

    But it's a free country, right?
    It's OK to be progressive brownshirt, so chill bro.
    It's all good.
    Things are proceeding as per the CFR pogrom.

  2. And anuther thing. When is the NYT gonna run a comparison of the "figurative" death threats for Geo. W. Obama and Ronald Grump from the approved establishment and media celebrities and spokespeople? (You know. "Figurative" like Fast And Furious Holder's comments are to be taken, as Frum told Bannon at the recent Munk debate in Toronto.)

  3. This cant be entirely blamed on Trump, though he hasn't helped. In fact, I predicted the rise of right wing extremists before he was elected based on the rise of their counterpart, the antifa. They are not different groups, but two sides of the same coin. When you let one metastasize, the other will rear its ugly head. Actually my prediction was based on the media's response to these violent extremists and the left's unwillingness to denounce them. My theory was that if they were left unchecked, there would be a different side of the same coin that would now be able to gain both attention and support because of this, and I was right.

    Until people in all parties denounce the lack of decency, violence, and the racism from both sides, they will both thrive. This is a prime example of why a minority group should not wage a war aginst the majority. Not a good idea. They are both wrong, but one side has a very definite advantage is this game. Trump doesnt escape some blame, however CNN, NBC, etc. are just as much or more a cause of this utter nonsense. "Live by the sword, die by the sword" as the saying goes.

  4. The real white nationalist threat is not terrorism. Rather it’s that white nationalists gain political power and use the state to prevent us normal people from freely associating with foreigners.

    Thus having the state “crack down” on them is highly counterproductive. It will merely galvanize their resolve while also setting the authoritarian precedent they need for imposing their weird fetishes on the rest of us.

  5. Weird fetish? You mean like stopping the Luis Bracamontes-types of the world from freely associating with us?

  6. THe word "engineered" keeps constantly coming to mind and the bulk of the idiots (including the idiocrat in chief) constantly surprise with their utter lack of intelligence to discern other than what they are fed! My jaw hits my desk daily.

  7. "The real white nationalist threat is not terrorism. Rather it’s that white nationalists gain political power and use the state to prevent us normal people from freely associating with foreign"

    You are welcome to move to Africa or south of the border to experience the 'duh-versity' you allegedly crave. Why import that crap into the US?

    ((NYT)) and white nationalism yet Israel is an ethnostate? Anyone else see the issue here?

    1. Maybe you could be a Diplomat for North Korea. Clearly you can understand their thinking.