Monday, November 12, 2018

Must See Movie: "Fair Game"

Netflix is now featuring the movie "Fair Game," which stars Sean Penn and  Naomi Watts.

The film tells the story of Joe Wilson and his wife, the then CIA operative Valerie Plame, during the buildup to the second war with Iraq and how Wilson exposed the George W. Bush administration lie that Iraq bought the uranium concentrate powder yellowcake from Niger. A lie that was being used as part of the justification for the attack on Iraq.

In response to a Wilson op-ed in The New York Times exposing the lie, the film details the attempt by the Bush White House to destroy Wilson and Plame, including revealing that Plame was an undercover agent for the CIA. An effort which ultimately led to Scooter Libby, Assistant to the President, being convicted on four counts concerning the leak of the covert identity of Plame.

President  Bush commuted Libby's sentence of 30 months in federal prison, leaving the other parts of his sentence intact.

President Donald Trump, within a year of gaining the office of the presidency, fully pardoned Libby.

The film is an eyeopener even for those who followed the events at that time closely and provides an insight into how current day government can get very evil.



  1. If its what you say it is I am quite aghast that TPTB let it be released.

    1. They probably had their own private viewing and a good laugh. Did they blink at Oliver
      Stone’s “JFK”?

  2. I just watched the new Amazon Prime Video Jack Ryan series (8 episodes). It was quite entertaining and clearly made the point about blowback creating new middle eastern terrorists. I recommend it!

  3. Watched this movie last night with my wife. Very well done and well worth watching.