Friday, November 9, 2018

MUST READ: David Stockman on the Fake Immigration Threat...

David Stockman
and the real crisis heading our way.

This is the best thing I have read on the immigration "crisis", what is really going on and a great 5 step solution. Plus the real crisis put in perspective:

The Nation's Fiscal Doomsday Machine is Now Unstoppable -RW 

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  1. ──"Underneath all these alleged immigration issues, in fact, is a bare-knuckled political war between the partisan apparatus and vote-getting machines of the two political parties"──

    As Mr. Stockman suggests, Red Team decided to throw their lot with a dwindling, older and whiter demographic while Blue Team prefers to court incoming immigrants. While it is clear the first effort is doomed because a) the reliable support block is indeed dying off and the younger generation can't stomach the racist attitudes from this president and his supporters, Blue Team is operating on the fallacy that immigrants (or their children) will always be a reliable Blue Team voting group, when in fact immigrants constitute a very diverse 'group' of a much less consistent political or party affiliation than, say, African-Americans. When David says 'the browner, the better', he's not trying to be flippant but to emphasize Blue Team's also-racist attitude of taking non-White people as reliable support regardless of individual preferences and concerns. Of course, Red Team does drive many of these same (supposedly) non-White immigrants to the loving arms of Blue Team by treating them as invaders, as some sort of hostile 'demographic' (like Laura Ingraham insinuated) or as rapists and drug-dealers, which clearly does not help ingratiate Red Team with that group at all.