Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Milo Yiannopoulos' Nuclear Attack On Jordan Peterson

Milo Yiannopoulos
I have long ago labeled the very bright Milo Yiannopoulos a curious character. He often says some truly brilliant things that mess with social justice warrior minds. But he is too dangerous to provide a full endorsement of. You just never know what he is going to say next. But some of his stuff is so damn good and well written that I will quote him every great once and while in isolation away from whatever else he is writing, saying or doing.

I mention this because it appears that Jordan Peterson has hurt Yiannopoulos' feelings.

Now,  Peterson is another soul that delivers a mixed message but nowhere near as extreme as Yiannopoulos. I do feel more comfortable highlighting and featuring Peterson when he says very important things, which he does often enough.

That said, I feel compelled, because I do feature him so frequently, to also call out Peterson when he goes off track (and when he goes off track, he can go way off track). See, for example, The Limits of Jordan Peterson's Libertarian Understanding.

This all leads me up to this: Yiannopoulos has written a vicious attack on Peterson in a foreword to a new Vox Day attack book on Jordan. Again, it appears that the Yiannopoulos essay is fueled by the fact that it appears, at least as Yiannopoulos tells the story, that Peterson distanced himself from Yiannopoulos at the June 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival when someone linked Yiannopoulos with Hitler.

Let's just say the Yiannopoulos essay is payback by nuclear means.

I mean, consider this Yiannopoulos comment about Peterson:
He is a line of coke masquerading as the Eucharist.
Now, Yiannopoulosis is a skilled writer, and when he wants, a talented observer of man and men---but, again I warn, he can go way off.

With these warnings, I point to the Yiannopoulos piece. I think a lot of it is unfair to Peterson and he is clearly upset that Peterson didn't defend him at high altitude Aspen but in between all this, there is somewhere between 10% and 20% of the commentary that contains observations about Peterson that I have never seen made before by anyone else and deserve thinking about. And there are also some very good points made about sticking to truth and principle---when it is tough to do so.

Then there is stuff that is way off.

You have been warned: Here is Yiannopoulos.



  1. I stopped reading after he attacked his relashionship with his daughter...This article is sad attempt at relevance and attention seeking. And to claim he's a journalist. Dr.Peterson defended this guy on multiple occasions and now this as an act in kind? Keenly awaiting Dr.Peterson's often shredding and deserved responses.

  2. Children tend to throw hissy fits first and worry about the impact later. Milo is showing true maturity it seems.

  3. Dunno, our conservative (happily married to whom?) homosexual is annoyed at the shortcomings and contradictions of one Mr. Petersen and wants to pull rank. Well, whoopty doo, boys and girls.

    Sort of like lesbian Camila Paglia decrying LGBQT as the harbinger of the end of Western civilization. Huh? Do these people understand what irony means?

    Maybe our Snow White could look in the mirror for once and get a sense of history, much more acknowledge that they are part of the problem, along with Jordan P.

  4. I went to read this and it's nowhere to be found on his site. Wiped from the internet.