Saturday, November 3, 2018

Meet a Jew Hater in the Age of Intersectionality

I'd like to see the Cultural Marxists diagram the intersectionality on this one.

A political event with two Democratic candidates at the Union Temple of Brooklyn was canceled Friday after attendees found graffiti saying “Die Jew Rats” and “Hitler,” The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

Police arrested 26-year old James Polite later that night based on surveillance footage.

Polite was a Democratic activist and former City Hall intern who worked on anti-hate crime issues,
He is a “queer” black man informally adopted by a Jewish couple, and The New York Times’ charity, the Neediest Cases, helped pay for him to go to college where his focus was African American studies, according to a 2017 New York Times profile.

A year ago, the NYT profiled Polite, noting that he was an LGBT foster youth who “could defy the statistics” after becoming the “adopted child of the Quinn administration,” as Christine Quinn, then the speaker of the New York city council, put it. “And it wasn’t just me. It was the entire City Council staff.”

The NYT profile also pictured Polite next to a smiling [Jewish] couple, Joshua Waletzky and Jenny Levison. They “wanted to foster an ‘L.G.B.T.Q. youth’ on the brink of aging out of the system,” the NYT wrote. “Although Mr. Polite was not legally adopted — his relationship with his biological parents has improved in recent years — Ms. Levison called it a ‘moral adoption.’ He says he considers the couple his second set of parents.”

His Facebook profile, reviewed by The DCNF, shows that on Nov. 1, a day before the synagogue vandalism, he posted “A dream with eyes wide open. civil war is here. Nobody gotta die. Mexico, latin America, carribean vs. Jew nigger pigs. One person touch me this whole shit a smoking.”


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  1. It's not rocket science. Every time a synagogue is vandalized the ADL and SPLC use it as an opportunity to raise money to fight 'antisemitism'. More often than not the perpetrators are jews. It's almost hard to believe they've been expelled from over a hundred countries.