Monday, November 5, 2018

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Puts Out an Anti-Trump Unity Ad

The very talented actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus is going political . She is out with an ad linking Trumpism to Nazi-type hate.
Of course, Democratic "unity" is simply another bad power-hungry crowd in charge, and the final vote will simply reflect which mad crowd will exercise government power over all of us--whether we like it or not.

I will not be voting. I am fighting the battle at a higher level where the thought leaders influence the masses and second-hand dealers in ideas like Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I do not expect a victory any time soon, if at all. #PPS



  1. I'll proudly join you at the not-voting booth!

    1. I have proudly been not voting since 1979. I saw corruption afoot as a young man and its gotten worse since then.

  2. How can you "yada yada yada" going to vote?
    "I don't support crime. I hate politicians. I love liberty. Voting day came, Yada Yada yada... I didn't vote"

  3. What does "vote for unity" even mean?! There are two main parties, so that's not "unity." There is no candidate running whose name is "Unity." Does she mean just vote for the unified force that is the state? She may not mean that, but that's in fact what happens when folks vote.

  4. Replies
    1. 'Hate crimes' are typically only leveled against whites.