Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ayn Rand "Tiddly-Wink" Music For Sale

Michael Berger emails:

Good morning:

Nov, 1987, at an Ayn Rand Institute auction, I bought one of
two sets of Ayn Rand's "Tiddly-wink" music. Harry Binswanger purchased the 2nd set,
but I don't  recall what either of us paid.
I gave the 12, 78 RPM record set to my wife, Jan 1, 1988; we
always exchanged gifts New Year's Day, rather than Christmas.

My wife died June, 2017; I have decided to sell the 12 record set, and am
sending this e-mail to people whom I think may be interested.

Attached are jpg photos:

-- Ayn Rand Institute Auction, Nov 7, 1987
catalog, where I bought 12-record set, #17;
-- Hand-written list of the main composition in each of the 
12 records. Presumably Ayn Rand wrote
the list, as well as selected the recordings;

--Photo of one of the records, showing "Maple
Leaf Rag," by Scott Joplin, on Victor Record

The sale price would include the small
catalog (below), the album containing the 12 records, and an audio cassette
of the 12 records, also furnished by ARI.

Please e-mail if you are interested, along with your bid price. I now live in
Sarasota, FL, and I will pay for packing, shipping, and insurance to any U.S. location.

I would just be guessing as to the value, but if I do not receive a
satisfactory offer for the set, I may sell each record separately, possibly 
via eBay, or other venue. 

Please feel free to circulate this e-mail to individuals you think may be interested.


Michael Berger


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