Thursday, November 15, 2018

What I Am Doing to Deal With the California Wildfire Smoke

Multiple updates below.

For those who might be curious, San Francisco is roughly 150 miles away from the epicenter of what is known as the Camp Fire.

Here smoke conditions change during the day but from my office window, I can generally see about 5 blocks down. But visibility right now is only about a block and a half. Beyond that, it just looks like thick fog, but it is smoke.

If you go outside the smoke is immediately noticeable and it also sneaks through any opening so there is some smoke smell inside buildings as well, though not as strong.

For my apartment and office, I have bought LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifiers which are doing wonders.

For when I head out, I have bought a Techno Anti-Pollution Mask.

Probably about 60% of the people on the streets are wearing masks now. It has been increasing every day.

Here are the current headlines at the San Francisco Chronicle:



I ran into a neighbor, Walgreens was out of masks so he made one from a coffee filter.



  1. Good idea. I bet the pollution in China and LA is worse for your health than the smoke though. Less noticible, but worse long term. I dont have proof, but it would be an interesting question to look in to.

    1. Well, after your updates, it appears I have egg on my face.

  2. In addition, in your car or when you take Lyft, make sure the ventilation system is set to "internal ventilation."