Saturday, October 27, 2018

Will Muhammed bin Salman Be Overthrown in Saudi Arabia?

By Qalam Eddeen

In regards to MbS, there have been several reports and rumors of attacks on palaces, and most recently the drone attack, after which he disappeared from the public view for a few months.

Here is the Wikipedia page that lists the notable grandchildren of King Abdulaziz[1], the grandfather of MbS. As you can see, there are princes that were born before World War 2 that were waiting for their turn in line to become the King, and they all got leap frogged by one of the youngest princes, as MbS was appointed the crown prince by his father. I'm sure that has to ruffle some feathers. The way that power sharing works in Saudi Arabia is that each major branch of the Saud family controls an important part of government.

In that same Wikipedia link, you can see how one grandchild controls the Intelligence Service, another one the National Guard, another one the Army, etc. And now that MbS is trying to consolidate power, he has to remove any rivals from these positions, as well as shaking the princes down to make sure they don't have the financial resources to pose a threat either. I think King Salman can hold things together as long as he's still alive, but once power transfers to the grandchildren, my thought is there will be a "royal rumble" and Vince McMahon will not be invited.

MbS was the Zionist choice. It's simple supply and demand: there is a supply of over 1,000 princes, and they all demand 1 throne. The Zionists found the most pro-Israel prince, who doesn't care about Jerusalem, who says the Palestinians should just take any crumbs the Israelis will give them and shut up, who is killing Muslims in Yemen, funding the head choppers in Syria.

Can you believe that there are these Wahhabi fighters in Syria on the border with Israel, and they are killing Muslims and Christians, and they attacked Israel only one time, and apologized[2] for it?!

The one thing that could push MbS out sooner is if the western world think he is giving them too much bad publicity. The Khashoggi incident is interesting because it was getting a lot of attention as the Saudis were lying; once they admitted that it was a premeditated murder and they cut him up and dumped him in the well in the consul's garden, the story is now disappearing from the news. It's like people are saying, "Okay, now this is the Saudi Arabia we've grown accustomed to, this is not shocking." If the heat picks back up, then they might nudge him out for one of his more stable (but probably less pro-Israeli) cousins.


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  1. A red white and blue
    color revolution just for you,
    Muhammed bin.

    Uncle Sam has got your number
    and you will be democratized
    just as soon as our SWAT team arrives.

    Say your goodbyes, Muhammed bin,
    'Cause you're due for the trash bin.