Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk

A genetic trait known to be more common in white people than others is the ability to digest lactose as adults, a textbook uses this fact as an example of evolution according to John Novembre, a University of Chicago evolutionary biologist.

White supremacists are quoting the textbook and apparently chugging milk at gatherings.

The gene that allows for the digestion of lactose switches off after childhood. But with the arrival of the first cattle herders in Europe some 5,000 years ago, a chance mutation that left it turned on provided enough of a nutritional leg up that nearly all of those who survived eventually carried it.

Thus the white supremacist slogan: “If you can’t drink milk, you have to go back.”

But, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, in an inconvenient truth for white supremacists, a similar bit of evolution turns out to have occurred among cattle breeders in East Africa.



  1. Genetics only play a part in things like lactose intolerance, sickle cell anemia, and skin color, not intelligence. I know this is true because a jew said so.

  2. This is news to me. I'm a White Supremacist and I drink very little milk. And when I do drink milk it is invariably raw milk from a local farm.

  3. Most people that think they are lactose intolerant are having digestive troubles after ingesting dairy not due to lack of lactase enzymes but from lack of natural enzymes found in raw milk destroyed by pasteurization. There are degrees to which people can digest lactose. There are those that are truly intolerant where it does not matter if they are ingesting raw or pasteurized products they will have digestive problems. There are others with no problem and everything in between. Most people with moderate lactose malabsorption can wean themselves on to raw milk products by slowly building the enzymes from raw dairy in your gut.