Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What Nonsense

Murray Rothbard, anarcho-capitalist, political junkie
At the post, More Incredible Mises-Fascism Confusion, Humanum Genus comments:
You'll never find any libertarian mentioning this, but Rothbard actually endorsed Dr. David Duke for president. This is fact & can be documented easily.
I found this out by chance while reading about Rothbard earlier this year. I find it hilarious that no libertarian seems to have the intellectual honesty to addresses this fact. Too PC?
BS. I reported on it and put it into context in a February 2018 post:  Would Murray Rothbard Still Be Involved in Politics Under Current Conditions?


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  1. Good for you, then i stand corrected & take it back. I should've wrote "very few if any libertarians (except Bob Wenzel) address the fact that Rothbard endorsed David Duke."

    You aren't afraid to cover the sacred vows that many "mainstream" libertarians seem to avoid such as the israel lobby & 9/11. That's why I like your sites.

    Now that being said, were there any libertarians or Rothbard devotees who endorsed Dr. Duke for his U.S. Senate run, on 2016?

    None that I saw, why is that?
    His foreign policy platform was completely acceptable to any libertarian, as far as I could tell it mirrored Ron Paul's.

    Plus, in a nationally televised tv debate , Duke proclaimed that Hillary Clinton should be convicted of treason & get the electric chair. LOL. It waa great tv. 😃 That's the kind of senator need in D.C.