Monday, October 1, 2018

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed Calls for Men to Take Mandatory Paternity Leave

By Robert Wenzel

The whack-job Cultural Marxists/Post Modernists will not stop at anything to attempt to blow-up the current structure of society.

The Wall Street Journal has published an essay by Joanne Lipman where the lady calls for men to be forced to take paternity leave.

She writes:
The percentage of female CEO’s of S&P 500 firms has declined over the past year, to less than 5%. The global gender gap widened, as measured by factors including economic opportunity, in 2017 over the previous year, according to the World Economic Forum. In a recent survey by the American Psychological Association, the majority of employees said they’d seen no policy changes in their workplace since the #MeToo movement erupted.

What’s needed now is action. Why not start with mandatory paternity leave?

More than a third of American firms offer at least some paid maternity leave, and an increasing number of them are extending such benefits to new dads as well. But paternity leave is useless if men don’t take it...

That’s why the “mandatory” piece for men is key.
What a monster!

When you get to the point that the  Wall Street Journal considers such a view legitimate to publish you know the CMPM are winning big time.

What the hell is wrong with free markets determining the nature of parent-work structures?

I know a libertarian-leaning obstetrician who has delivered many, many babies and he says he has observed an immediate bond between mother and baby at birth and he believes a strong bond does not develop between children and fathers until much later. Judging by who generally takes care of babies since we have gotten kicked out of the Garden of Eden, there is probably a lot of truth to this. But, hey, reality, as it is, is not a strong suit of the CMPM. No doubt, they will soon be demanding milk-filled breasts implants for men so they can breastfeed babies.

I have no problem if two parents decide the father should stay home and take care of a baby. In a few cases that may make sense. but let them decide.

To call for forced parental leave for men is a completely different beast. It is a desire typical of the CMPM to simply turn over every table in the current structure of society without recognizing, as Hayek taught us, that there is a good reason that society has developed most of the norms of society the way it has.

To be sure, changes in society can develop over time but the demand for coercion is always the sign of a central planning beast that can't get society to go along with some mad proposal and the central planning agitator calls for state power to enforce the madness that is rejected by greater society.

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  1. Wow. What a creative solution. I bet this isn't the first time the author has attempted to emasculate a man.

  2. These people are the real babies. Hopefully everyone will just let them throw their temper tantrums and ignore them