Monday, October 1, 2018

VIDEO: White Nationalists Taunt and Pepper Spray Democratic Socialists at Kentucky Bar

Things are getting edgy between left-wing and right-wing power seekers.

A Kentucky bar owner says some white nationalists pepper-sprayed her general manager and harassed people attending a Democratic Socialists of America meeting.

Four men taunted and swore at DSA Louisville members who were meeting at The Silver Dollar, according to video from the Thursday night meeting, reports The New York Times.

DSA members identified the men as members of a white nationalist organization to proprietor Vanessa Cantley, saying they had encountered the men before.

Louisville Metro police spokesman Lamont Washington said Friday that he couldn't confirm if the men were white nationalists. "It's all subjective," he said.

This is, of course, at most just one minor skirmish between two very limited in number extremists groups but given the current escalated tensions in the country between lefty-statists and righty-statists, could this be a preview of more serious confrontations down the road?

The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, for example, is really triggering the emotion-driven greater Left. How will they react if Kavanaugh is confirmed by the Senate? The polarization in the country seems ready to escalate. How serious will the taunting and harassing get?

Remember this taunting in Kentucky comes on the heels of a week that saw Ted Cruz chased out of a restaurant in Washington D.C. and Senator Jeff Flake confronted in an elevator on Capitol Hill.

I am really not going to shed any tears for two politicians being verbally harassed but it is uncivilized behavior.

This is not how a civilized society is held together. Both sides want to be in charge of the levers of power when a civilized society would eliminate such power centers. They both seem willing to gain control "by any means necessary."



  1. Pepper spray?? Uh uh, NOT a white nationalist / alt-right weapon. They may be ass hats, but they're not pussies. So, either these guys were NOT authentic WN's or the weapons were falsely reported. No, check that. If these people used pepper spray, they by god, WEREN'T Alt - Rights.

  2. Well, at least sound money gets a brief mention with the bar name