Sunday, October 21, 2018

US to Withdraw From Nuclear Treaty With Russia

UPDATE BELOW: Bolton Stands Tough

Apparently, at the urging of his mad national security adviser, John Bolton, President Trump has pulled the plug on a key nuclear treaty with Russia.

Russia has reacted to the decision by calling it a  “crude” and “dangerous” move and threatening responses that could stretch to military actions, reports the Financial Times.

Sergei Ryabkov, deputy foreign minister, told reporters on Sunday that  Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty, a 1987 agreement that helped to end the cold war, were like “blackmail” ahead of US national security adviser John Bolton’s visit to Moscow this week.

“Unlike our American colleagues, we understand all the seriousness of the issue and its significance for security and strategic stability,” Ryabkov said. “If the Americans continue to act as crudely and bluntly . . . and unilaterally withdraw from all sorts of agreement and mechanisms from the Iran deal to the International Postal treaty, then we’ll be reduced to taking action in response, including of a military nature. But we don’t want to go that far.”

Trump explained his decision on Saturday by claiming Russia had been violating the treaty for years, a charge Moscow denies.

“We’re going to terminate the agreement and we’re going to pull out,” Trump said, giving no timeline for withdrawal.

First, Trump adds to sanctions on Russia, and now this.

This is not how you bring peace and civility to the world.

It should be clear by now even to Trump fanboys that Trump stirs up antagonism and hostilities both on the international front and the domestic front.

He is very dangerous and I expect it to get much worse after the mid-term elections are over.



From The Wahington Post:

National security adviser John Bolton rebuffs Russian appeals to remain in key nuclear-arms pact.


  1. Rand Paul should formally challenge this, which would allow it to go to the Supreme Court. A president shouldn't have this authority.

  2. Congress should impeach and remove this clown. They should then warn Pence that the same thing will happen to him if he heads down the same road.

  3. --- Russia has reacted to the decision by calling it a “crude” and “dangerous” move ---

    Yup, that's DJT to the tee: crude, certainly, and dangerous, most decidedly.

  4. I guess the neo cons win again regardless of administration.

  5. Two Mafia families fighting for turf. You just want them to kill each other off and be rid of them. Problem is their crossfire you are in could be nuclear. Dodging bullets is one thing, dodging shock waves and fallout is another.

  6. Did you see Bolton says now that he has met with the Russians, he understands their position better, taking it seemed a softer tone. Also it was suggested that he wants a new treaty with China included. Not defending Bolton by any means, just wondered if you might update this story RW, and get your take on it.

  7. Its all an illusion.
    Fear porn.
    Don't fall for it