Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Trump Mocks Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Trump is correct here. The "by any means necessary" crowd will do anything to gain power. Given the lack of corroborating, there is no way anyone can know what really happened 35 plus years ago.

But the useful idiots of the left have been emotionally triggered and they don't need evidence!


  1. The Ford case is rapidly falling apart. Now her ex-boyfriend has under oath declared that she lied in her testimony about not coaching people to pass polygraphs...and that's just the beginning of her troubles...the chicanery and treachery on the part of the Dems, mainly Feinstein is also going to come out and its going to make them and their media cheerleaders look very bad before the elections. Ford comes from three generations of CIA/Deep State background and she owes her very existence to them as an operative (She chairs the CIA Undergraduate Internship program at Stanford with her expertise in creating fake memories - like the one she created for her slanderous testimony).

    Although I'm not a supporter of Kavanaugh, I'm glad to see that these despicable Deep State tactics are failing. And this exposure weakens the Deep State and the media's ability to shape the narrative to their advantage.

  2. Evidence is misogynist (not to mention racist and homophobic). Women must be believed.