Sunday, October 28, 2018

The State of the Current US Civil War

Van of Cesar Sayoc
By Robert Wenzel

On news that an explosive device was found on Monday in a mailbox at the Westchester County home of the extreme left billionaire global funding activist George Soros, I wrote:
The current civil war is targeted in nature and can include either leftists or rightists disturbing political figures while dining or otherwise in public, to social media outlets banning generally rightists high-profile platform users, to now explosive devices.
The civil war is about individual-targets and event-driven targets rather than geographical in nature. It remains to be seen how aggressive the war will get, escalation is almost certain.
Since then, a dozen more devices have been discovered in the process of being delivered to various high profile lefties and Cesar Sayoc has been arrested for the mailings.

It appears that Sayoc is heavily pro-Trump based on his social media accounts and the decals and bumper stickers on his van.

Whether he is a lone nutjob (most likely) or a tool of false flag operatives, given the political undertone to his actions, it can be safely said he is part of the current civil war.

On the heels of the arrest of Sayoc, Robert Bowers walked into The Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started shooting. He killed eleven and wounded many others.

His social media accounts indicate he was radical anti-semitic and anti-Trump but it should be noted that he also raged about the immigrant caravan, highlighted by Trump, that is heading toward the U.S. border.

Indeed, even after the Pittsburgh shooting, Trump highlighted the caravan. "This will be the election of the caravan, the Kavanaughs," Trump said at a rally on Saturday.

In any period nutjobs exist that will find a reason to go on some kind of mad rampage. The 2012 mass shooting executed by James Holmes inside a Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, for example, does not appear to have been politically motivated,

But during this period of extreme divide between leftie power seekers and rightie power seekers, it is not unreasonable to argue that mad acts will intensify. Those living at the edge of sanity are being provided with the excuses they need to go over the edge.

However, the great danger for most of us will not be from direct exposure to these nutjobs but from the government responses to these horrific acts. Government loves an excuse to expand. Witness that New York State Governor Mario Cuomo bizarrely deployed additional National Guard throughout New York City pre-the arrest of Sayoc even though there was no indication that Sayoc's modus operandi was anything beyond mailed packages to easily identifiable high profile lefties.

And then, of course, there was the reaction of the private sector lefties who are active in the civil war.

Bowers had an account at the open speech social media site Gab. As a result, Pay Pal has suspended Gab from using its services. This will make it very difficult for Gab to operate. There are indications already that it may shut down. Which will do nothing but drive the Bowers of the world into deeper darker venues and thus make it more difficult to understand who they are, how many of them there are and what they are generally up to.

Wesley Lowery reports:
Gab account under Robert Bowers' name was full of white supremacist and anti-Semitic postings and memes. His most recent postings railed against the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society - a prominent Jewish organization working to resettle refugees in the U.S.
Doesn't this Bowers' post provide valuable information to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society that they are on the radar of the Bowers-types and should step up security? Do we really want this type of intel hidden?

As I pointed out in my original post on this, the current civil war is not geographical in nature. It won't be the north against the south or east against west. It is a dispersed war with no one leader giving direct orders. Targets will be specific events and locations. Those who are potential targets should take precautions.

And the attacks will not all be acts of direct violence. Indeed, both sides will use the occurrence of direct violence events as object lessons to use against their opponents. Most of the actions will be protest type in nature but with a very evil underlying purpose---to use government to shut down the actions of the opposing side through government power.

The left, for example. will use gun-related attacks to intensify gun control. The right, for example, will use social media bans as a reason for government intervention against social media firms.

In the end, this civil war is about two sides seeking to gain and expand government power to control others. It is as anti-libertarian as one can get. Neither side is a friend of liberty.

This is the point libertarians need to make---while they still easily can.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of


  1. The PayPal action with respect to Gab provides an example of why there is reason to support the development of decentralized payment mechanisms such as blockchain technology (regardless of whether the related crypto-currencies themselves are sound investments). If Gab were more heavily reliant on Bitcoin et al, rather than on PayPal, then there wouldn't be anyone who could shut off its financial flows.

    1. By seizing sufficient computers worldwide to shut down the blockchain?

  2. Its a high order cluster fuck! Trump has no problem with the acting out racist nut jobs! His whole presidency has been about cultivating decisiveness! He condones it!

    What really remains an issue is how knee jerk far the frothing at the mouth liberals will be pushed in the name of stopping him at all consts.

    That is where your civil war erupts crazy quick!

    1. The left put us all into group classifications. Those group classifications were created specifically to divide the american public for the benefit of the left. The weakness of that structure is easily exploited by a troll. Enter the troll, Trump. Trump didn't divide the country, he exploited the divide that was already created. The left's response? Increase the divisions.

  3. It's pretty clear that the mad bomber was not white or even a Trump supporter. That van was an f'ing joke! The bombs had no recent postmarks and were not even believable as move props. Besides, didn't Hildebeast said a couple weeks ago that un civility is just ine?

  4. As men rise to fight the communist threat, it won't be forgotten that the Wenzel's of the world ran and hid when it mattered.

    Libertarianism is dead, and after the past couple years I believe it is for the best.

    1. Libertarianism will never be dead. The Anne Hutchinson’s and Roger Williams will always be.
      We will gladly let you statist fight each other and tell us which statism is best, but we will always know you are statist. Have at it. We don’t want to control you or tell you what to do anyway.
      Really we know the “men fighting communism” as you put it aren’t anything we desire. Just statist wanting the State to be its sword. Mock libertarians all you want. We have a high time preference, and in the end, you will see we have been winning all along.

  5. If folks haven't already, Codevilla's Our Revolution's Logic at the Claremont Review
    and Kesler's Our Cold Civil War At Imprimis/Hillsdale College are worth a read.