Friday, October 19, 2018

The Saudi-Israeli Connection

Eric Margolis explains:
[T]he Saudis and Emiratis are now closely allied to Israel’s far right government.  Israel has been a door-opener for the Saudis and Gulf Emirates in Washington’s political circles.  The Israel lobby is riding to the Saudi’s defense.

Meanwhile, we will observe the disgusting spectacle of the Trump administration trying to cover up this crime and protect its thuggish allies in Saudi Arabia while trying to provoke war with Iran.

Americans, who have been gulled by a multi-million-dollar PR blitz over the modernized ‘new’ Saudi Arabia, complete with a handful of female drivers and commercials about ‘empowered women,’ will begin to see what a corrupt, brutal regime they have so long and unquestionably supported.

The question will remain: who in the Saudi leadership was stupid enough to approve the murder of Khashoggi?  Could this crime mark the beginning of the downfall of the medieval Saudi regime?

As the wise and cynical Tallyrand said about the murder of the young Duc d’Enghien, ‘worse than a crime, it was a mistake.’

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