Thursday, October 18, 2018

"The media bungled the interpretation of the results..."

These are the people who think they understand climate change:

"[I]t turns out reporters and politicians are not very good at understanding genetics...Three Pinocchios all around — including to our tweet."



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  1. The article is still a bunch of pseudo-scientific nonsense, for a very simple reason: that single genetic marker used to identify "Native American" ancestry has never been shown to be exclusive to Native Americans. In fact, my own 23andMe tests show 0.2% of Native American ancestry. The problem is, I'm first generation immigrant, and all my known ancestors were Russian peasants from Urals and mid-Russia, highly unlikely to ever encounter any Indians. (The reality is, the gene variant most likely came with Chukchee by the way of Far East and Alaska from what is now Russian territory).