Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Best Cover Story I Can Think of For MBS to Use to Deflect His Involvement in the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi
The amateur night murder of Jamal Khashoggi will be a difficult one to cover up.

Too many pieces of evidence point directly to Saudi Arabia, not excluding the fact that the murder was apparently committed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul!

The only cover story I can think of is for MBS to report after a "thorough investigation" that one of his close aides was on the payroll of Iran.

That when the aide was confronted he committed "suicide." Then show pictures of the basement of the aide's house with stacks of US dollars, gold coins and Iranian riyals there.

I admit this is weak but it is probably the best that can be done. The 15-man hit team will surely be willing to state that they took orders from the aide, thinking it was an order coming from MBS. That the aide misled them.

The best twist to this story is bringing Iran into the picture. It continues to paint Iran as evil and explains why the Khashoggi killing has so many Saudi fingerprints on it, the Iranians wanted it that way---to break up the US-Saudi-Israeli axis to bring "peace" to the region!. MBS can then state the axis will not be weakened by this devious Iranian plot.

This sort of gets the focus off of MBS and of all people the poor saps in Iran.



  1. Cover it up? MBS was sending a message knowing the Turks were listening in. the message being "you MFs think you can replace me with NBF? what you doing to do about this thing? smash your investment that you've spent trillions on over the last 7 decades?
    and he's right.

  2. MBS should be more bold. The story should be plainly ridiculous. That will keep people on their toes. Say it was a botched gender transition surgery. They were trying to handle it quietly with his personal 15 man surgical team. MBS wants to modernize, but still his docs don't have this kind of experience. Something went wrong. He can go on Ellen and cry about his friend. People's heads would spin 12 different ways at once. No one would know what to make of it. It might win him a few random, unexpected friends too.

    These losers in power have no imagination.

  3. Like I've said before, this story is so over-the-top that is smacks of a publicity counter-intelligence operation.