Thursday, October 11, 2018

The 15 Man Hit Team That Killed Jamal Khashoggi

According to the Turkish newspaper, Sabah , the 15 men pictures above are all employees of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Turkish government believes they are a hit team that flew into Turkey to kill Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi.

The New York Times reports, one of the men on the list and pictured above is an autopsy expert at Saudi Arabia’s internal security agency, according to the two Turkish officials. Another appears to be a lieutenant in the Royal Saudi Air Force.

The Times found corroborating information about the two men — the lieutenant and the autopsy expert — by comparing the names and photographs in Sabah with social media profiles and Saudi media reports.

According to The Times, Salah Muhammad al-Tubaigy, chief of forensic evidence and an autopsy expert in the public security directorate of the Interior Ministry, is pictured above.

Meshal Saad al-Bostani appears to be a Saudi Air Force lieutenant pictured.

Turkish officials have said that Khashoggi, a critic of the kingdom's rulers, was killed on October 2 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

In a December 2016 UK Independent story, it was reported that Khashoggi had been banned from Saudi Arabia television and newspapers at that time for his criticism of then President-elect Donald Trump.


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  1. I wonder if Turkey will invade Iraq and Afghanistan over this.