Sunday, October 28, 2018

Rand Paul Breaks Further Away From President Trump's Foreign Policy

Some great comments by Senator Rand Paul.

Speaking outside an airplane hangar in Hamilton, Montana as he supported GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, Rand broke further with President Trump on foreign policy.

“Are we going to do fake sanctions [against Saudi Arabia]? Are we going to pretend to do something by putting sanctions on 15 thugs. Or are we going to do something that hurts them?” Rand said at the hangar in an interview  with Politico.

He said he is intent on forcing another vote to block arms sales to Saudi Kingdom.

“[Republican leadership] know[s] if they have the vote they might lose. So they’re probably not going to make any announcement until this dies down,” Rand said.

“We would win the vote right now. It would be a very bad vote [for the president] if 60, 65, or even 70 people voted to cut the arms sales for now and the president were to veto that, that would be bad [looking for him],” he said.

“He [Trump] says he doesn’t want to disrupt the arm sales. And it’s something we have an honest disagreement on. I don’t think arms are jobs programs,” Rand continued.

Rand also said it is a “terrible idea” for the United States to back away from nuclear and weapons agreements with Russia and said he’s asked Trump to appoint nuclear negotiators in a bid to preserve the NEW START treaty and the INF agreement.

“I’m pushing hard on that. Because I want to have this influence before we do that. But the president says he wants to do that,” Rand said. “It’s a mistake to give up on that stuff.”


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  1. Keeping on trudging along Rand! I have to salute you for stating your mind in the face of the Idiocracy!