Sunday, October 7, 2018

POLL: Nearly Half of Millennial Democrats Identify as Socialist or Democratic Socialist

By Robert Wenzel

I warned you, this was coming.

Nearly half of millennial Democrats say they identify as a socialist or democratic socialist, according to a new poll from BuzzFeed News and Maru/Blue, reports The Hill.

Almost half, 48 percent, said they would call themselves a democratic socialist or socialist, compared to 39 percent who said they identified as neither.

The percentages were lower among Republican millennials, with 23 percent saying they would call themselves a democratic socialist or socialist, and 71 percent saying neither.

But nearly twice as many millennials said they at least leaned toward Democrats instead of Republicans, 48 to 25 percent.

The survey was conducted between September 21-24.

The poll identified millennials as between the ages of 22 and 37, and surveyed 1,006 randomly selected respondents online. The results have a margin of error of 3 percentage points.

This is what Trump has brought and it is going to be very difficult to turn this crowd toward liberty, very difficult,

I repost here part of what I wrote in August 2017:
Trump is bad on just about every policy position beyond the Federal transgender bathroom issue.

I ask again, What do libertarians gain by associating with him?

I am not suggesting that libertarians support the impeachment of Trump, Vice President Pence would be just as bad---maybe. But I suggest that libertarians should distance themselves from Trump as much as they distance themselves from the social justice warrior Left.

Students and the masses need to be made aware that there is an alternative to bizarre Trump supporters and the social justice warriors because if students and the masses think these are the only two options a lot are going to slide in the direction of the social justice warriors.

I am not suggesting that libertarians are going to sway the masses anytime soon and gain great victories but if we don't show clearly that there is a third way, libertarianism will never advance at more than a snail's pace, if at all. The students are not going to learn in colleges and universities that there is a libertarian alternative to Trump. You know it and I know it. They are going to be shown the door labeled socialism. We are the only hope that they learn of a Liberty option. An alliance with Trump, and I repeat he is horrific on nearly all issues, makes no sense. The millennials are not going to follow and it is easy to understand why.

And so I call on my libertarian friends who have done much to advance liberty to stop the support of Trump, throw him under the bus.

He has done nothing for the movement except suck air out of it.

And by throwing him under the bus, I do not mean that libertarians should remain silent about him or occasionally mumble something about one of his horrific policies. We need to condemn him with a very loud voice every time he says something that is not in line with libertarian principle---which will be almost every day. Only in this way can we accelerate the knowledge to students and the masses that there is an alternative to both Trump and social justice warriors---and that the alternative is Liberty.

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  1. I really am not surprised by this. It has been a long time coming, and maybe Trump has added fuel to the fire, but this certainly isn't a new trend. Who do you think teaches your children? Successful business owners? Hard working people fleeing socialist countries? Or lazy do nothings who picked the easiest major and job they could find while complaining how little they get paid?

    1. I tout the education connection long before trump came and will long after I am sure. The evil of the world of child conditioning via public education is one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated against this long dead republic

  2. Hey, check out the cutie on the right. Being from Santa Cruz, I know a lot of gay guys. I think they'd like, ***bash*** him for embarrassing the group.

  3. Photo appropriately taken in a govt skool.

  4. With Hillary we would have been half way towards a socialist nation already.

  5. I’m no Trump fan boy, but let’s not lay the blame for this lunacy on his doorstep. The truth is that neither these idiots nor the vast majority of Trumpistas can make a cogent distinction between socialism and the free market. These folks would be touting this banner, or something like it even if Trotsky - er, I mean Sanders had somehow secured the Dem nomination without a case of the Arkansas flu and gone on to the White House. The Kochs’ name would be on that banner instead, or maybe Rand Paul’s. Trump has not doomed us, nor will he save us. The die was cast long ago; keep your powder dry.

  6. It's understandable that today's yutes are in love with the idea of socialism. Firstly they are angry that the Boomers stole their inheritance and generally f*cked everything up. Secondly, they love the idea of getting what they want and having someone else pay for it. Isn't that the New American Dream?

  7. Are polls still valuable, given that these polls also predicted a different result in the recent US presidential elections?

    Anyway, people grow up, they change. I certainly was not born or raised with an understanding of Austrian Economics. You wrote that it'll be difficult to turn this crowd towards liberty. The noisy ones, yes. But there are a lot of sane ones who are also silent.

  8. "This is what Trump has brought and it is going to be very difficult to turn this crowd toward liberty, very difficult"

    If you honestly believe that these kids were turned socialist in less than two years because Trump was elected, then their minds should be pliable enough for your airtight arguments for a PPS. Assuming they'll spend the shekels to buy your book, of course.

  9. I am a musician in the SF Bay Area and I move in social circles that are thick with these people. I do not think RW, most of the commentators here or other sharp and prominent libertarians like Tom Woods really understand these people or how they think. They are not opposed to capitalism. They don't know what capitalism is, so how can they be opposed to it? They're opposed to cartoon capitalism. They are opposed to what they think capitalism is and they are in favor of what they think socialism is. The reality is going to surprise them. They are genuinely confused. They intuit that wealthy and powerful people are screwing everyone else over, but they misunderstand the mechanism. They don't realize they are empowering the bad actors by clamoring for more government. Furthermore their minds have been boobytrapped with all sorts of double binds that keep them locked into the matrix. They really do think we're all a bunch of racists mysoginsts. They're not faking it to gain power.

    Too often libertarians dance on the landmines in people's minds then scratch their heads when the subsequent explosions send people running into the arms of the socialists.