Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Paglia: Transgender Mania is Sign of Cultural Collapse



  1. Great video. She does make one major error at the beginning though: the people pushing the Trans agenda are not sympathetic and well meaning.

  2. We should distinguish between the broken people and the power hungry people.

    I have a transgender cousin. Born as James, now goes by Janet. James was sexually abused as an infant. His parents may have been involved in some sort of cult. We're still putting the pieces together.

    These are damaged people who have developed elaborate coping mechanisms for navigating their traumas. They have difficult lives and they deserve some measure of patience and sympathy.

    Spend a little time perusing a discussion forum full of teans peope. What you will find is that these people are terrified and they have been absokutely convinced that anyone who does not enthusiasticlly suport their transition HATES them and wants them to die. The power seekers who use their plight to browbeat their opponents are counting on you to mock transgender people as crazy or silly. They need you to do it for their plan to work. Don't oblige them.