Saturday, October 27, 2018

One of the Best Arguments Against Blocking Speech on Social Media....

UPDATE below: Yet another example. so we become aware of who might be dangerous. This is basic Sun Tzu style thinking:
"If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril."
 Cernovich tweets:



Yet another example of why these nut jobs shouldn't be censored.

Via Yahoo News:

[I]nvestigators scouring his [mail bomber Cesar Sayoc] social media accounts had found the same spelling mistakes on his online posts — "Hilary" Clinton, Debbie Wasserman "Shultz" — as on the mailings he'd soon be charged with sending.


  1. Really? The police need to know about it because you dont like his "vibe"?

    The guy is just ranting about how someone's going to "kick your door down and take your guns" and blaming black music for teaching kids to rob and steal. He is obviously a white supremacist. Other than the white supremacist part, it is no different than the crap Alex Jones, or CNN, or anyone else spews about how "they" are going to come and get you. There are racists around, of all colors. Get over it. It doesn't mean you need to notify the police. Both this guy and the guy that thinks this is a big deal are nutbars.

    1. But that attitude doesnt get you rabid violent compliance from the masses so no one can get even slightly triggered.

      Cant have that David, people dont need different opinions dontchaknow! (eyeroll)