Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Nick Gillespie Defends "Libertarian Postmodernism"

Below is an interview with former Reason magazine editor-in-chief Nick Gillespie where he makes the claim that postmodernism dovetails nicely with libertarianism and public choice theory.

He then states that at the foundation of postmodernism is an incredulity about metanarratives.
But libertarianism and public choice theory are both metanarratives as is the postmodernist incredulity about metanarratives itself. So what gives?



  1. Great conversation. Thought provoking. "...what gives?" is that incredulity is a powerful tool in discovering facts about reality and life. Whether its facts about a political philosophy like Libertarianism or Socialism or facts about human relationships through economics or psychology or even facts about postmodernism. Without incredulity we stop discovering, we stop being human.

  2. does this guy ever take that leather jacket off?