Friday, October 5, 2018

Never Forget

Karl Rove and Brett Kavanaugh
Never forget that while the left is using the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings to launch a "by any means necessary" vicious assault on men, Kavanaugh, himself, is a major soldier boy in the Bush wing of the Deep State.

He is a terrible choice by Trump for the Supreme Court but a lefty win here would be even worse. With a win, the left would be carrying men's testicles around on spears.


(ht Martin Hill)


  1. If Kavanaugh gets defeated then Trump will just nominate someone else, and there’s a decent chance it’ll be someone less bad than Kavanaugh.

    The left’s reasons may be dumb, but I’m glad that they’re opposing him.

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  3. It is possible that something good could come from this Kavanaugh circus. More light shinned on and criticism of the Supremes.

    If the similar circus with Clarence Thomas is an indication than not much will change. But that was almost thirty years ago. Things have changed quite a bid as to the mind set regarding PC issues especially regarding gender. 1990’s PC is a knife compared to 2018’s PC bombs.

  4. This is insanity. For those of you swept up into heiling torture/spy enabler Kavanaugh to save the family, heterosexual marriage, and Western civilization, here are some life preservers.

    1. The left didn't win against Neil Gorsuch.
    2. Cultural Marxists have made Jordan Peterson a millionaire. I didn't even know who Peterson was until they came around.

    Kavanaugh may not be a rapist, but he certainly doesn't belong on the Supreme Court.