Thursday, October 4, 2018

Lefties Triggered

I am no fan of Brett Kavanaugh, however, it is absolutely insane to demand that senators not confirm Kavavanaugh based on a charge about an alleged event that occurred 35 plus years ago that has no corroboration.

But it seems, black women are now in control and believe all women all ways (except white women that disagree with them).



  1. What man would want his future decided on some innocent but stupid things he did in high school or college? That's why I declined the nomination when Trump called me.

    1. Thanks for a good laugh on a somewhat depressing Friday morning!

  2. I'm from Utah and can't stand Orrin Hatch, but he's right on this one. They should grow up. And this garbage about "believing women"? What though women never lie? How many men have been convicted of rape and later found to be innocent? Believe women? Please.....