Saturday, October 20, 2018

Jimmy Hoffa On What Happens When the Government and Mainstream Media Want To Take You Down

President Trump should listen to this.



  1. But...But... He's a HOMOPHOBE!!!
    But seriously, what a terrific show. And this was COMMERCIAL TV.
    Cavett asked good questions, then shut up and let the guests talk at length.
    Hoffa was fascinating. What a contrast to what I was taught about him. But I still wonder if he's in that end zone at the Meadowlands.
    BTW, I was once put "inside" for a while because the judge didn't like my hair. True.

  2. Wow, blew my image Hoffa too.
    If there were still a Dick Cavett show, I'd like an episode with Assange, Snowden and Ron Paul.
    Im going to look for Ashmans book where he calls out the fed judges and names names.
    This line from Belli sums it up- "When they got the eagle flying and they got the money"
    Great clip and with w/many points still relevant today. Thanks for posting!