Monday, October 22, 2018

James Carville: "My Great Regret Was That I Never Had David Duke Speak at Tulane"

Ben Shapiro at Politicon
Here are some thoughts and observations on some other speakers and panelists at Politicon 2018 in Los Angeles.

Ben Shapiro probably drew the largest crowd (thousands) and was by far the best speaker. It is too bad he is such a war hawk because he is just great on other issues, especially political correctness, identity politics etc.

He admitted during his talk that he was a war hawk and said that he just doesn't see any other way for the U.S. to act in such a hostile world. But there may be hope, he did also stated that because of what has occurred in Iraq he is less sanguine than he was in 2005 about installing successful democracies in the Middle East.

He specifically referred to himself as a libertarian and said he was hopeful for libertarianism but not the Libertarian Party.

He stated that the health of people in Scandinavian countries compared to the U.S. cannot be a measure of the success of government healthcare in Scandinavian countries as opposed to U.S. healthcare because "people eat shit here" and thus have more health problems.

Unlike the many conservatives who simply debate different structures of government healthcare (SEE: The Socialists Are Everywhere), Shapiro said he was for "wild deregulation of healthcare."

Tucker Carlson made pretty solid anti-war comments but was pretty bad on economics at Politicon.

Of note, when a panel discussion with James Carville turned to climate change, He said, referring to Twitter with its headquarters in San Francisco, "Why do you claim to care so much about the environment when you have people shitting on your streets ?"

James Carville proved most interesting. In an attempt to support the view that he was for hardcore free speech, he said, "My great regret was that I never had David Duke speak at Tulane [ when I taught there]."

He came out against the Democratic Socialists of America saying their constitution was nutty.

Joe Wilson, who in July 2003 wrote a New York Times op-ed that expressed his belief, after investigating for the government, that Iraq had not arranged to purchase and import uranium from Niger, was a disappointment as a speaker. His discussion topic was "State of the States" but he came on stage and started out by saying, "I believe Christine Blasey Ford." It was downhill from there with his continuing to simply spout vacant lefty talking points.



  1. David Duke is a pretty sharp guy. Too bad the media will support former KKK members like the dead Senator Byrd but Duke gets no such slack.

  2. "he just doesn't see any other way for the U.S. to act in such a hostile world. "

    I love this line of reasoning, especially from a little twerp wannabe tough guy like Shapiro. He is justifying murdering innocent people by pointing to his own lack of imagination. It's so absurd. Conservative war hawks are cowards who let crazy people frighten them into murdering innocent people. What a bunch of pussies.

    1. I love his cognitive dissonance.

      "Identity politics are bad ... We need to kill people who live in other countries."

    2. Shapiro only attacks identity politics when he's addressing white people.

  3. Based on limited listening to Shapiro I attribute his neocon stance on foreign policy to him believing that Israel must be protected. I have not heard him actually state it as such but I have heard him defend Israel’s military actions in this manner.

    He is not only a very intelligent person but logical, so he may eventually see the light. I would like to ask him what his policy toward the Middle East would be if Israel were not part of it.