Wednesday, October 10, 2018

If You Are Planning On Visiting the People's Republic of San Francisco.... might want to keep this map handy.

The circled area (added by me) is roughly the tourist area.
RealtyHop has created the above map which shows the San Francisco neighborhoods with the highest volumes of reported feces.

The city, filled with Lefties and poop, had the highest incidents of feces complaints in 2017 compared to New York and Chicago. Nearly 21,000 poop sightings were reported in San Francisco in 2017 — about 10 times New York City's poop-sighting total and more than 20 San Francisco

RealtyHop has declared that SF is the "doo-doo capital" of the nation.



  1. Why doesn't the city provide port-a-potties if the problem is that bad?

  2. san franshithole is the new name